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Pine Lake Country Club is proud to be the premier family club that has it all. Featuring a Willie Park Jr Design, 18-Hole Championship Golf Course, newly updated Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Courts, Olympic Size Swimming Pool and state of the art Fitness Center. Our magnificent clubhouse overlooks beautiful, private Pine Lake and offers a Lounge, Lake Room, Formal Dining Room and Members Grill, all highlighting dazzling lake views. Our lakefront dining options also include an expansive Patio, Terrace and Deck area. We are located in Southeast Michigan at 3300 Pine Lake Road in the city of Orchard Lake.

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The Automobile Club of Detroit was founded in 1902 by Michigan automotive icons John Dodge, Ransom Olds and Henry Ford. The friends and business competitors first came across the property when they fled the city on weekends destined for an overnight camping spot on Pine Lake.

Back then, the drive from Detroit was a half day journey so they camped on the property of George and Agnes Hodges. Later the founders purchased this property for the future clubhouse of Pine Lake.

In 1917 the first seven holes were established. The 9 hole course was completed in 1919. In 1921 the club name was officially changed to Pine Lake Country Club. Since that change, the club has added on another 9 holes creating a championship course designed by professional golf legend,  Willie Park Jr.

As time has passed other additions were made, the Olympic size swimming pool, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, a ballroom that we now call the Lake Room and Formal Dining areas. What began as the Automobile Club of Detroit, has transformed through the years into the premier family club you can now be proud to call home.


Greg J. Colombo, General Manager, COO

Ted Krugler, CFO, Controller

Laura Boyd, Payroll

Terry Poley, Golf Course Superintendent

Paul Lehnert, Head Golf Professional

Monika Kaczynska-Cholod, Director of Catering

Chelsea Donahue, Director of Membership & Marketing

Bradley Ramirez, Food & Beverage Manager

Salvador "Sal" Martinez, Executive Chef

Roberta "Bobbie" Sliper, Lounge Manager

​Lindsay Omelia, Assistant Dining Room Manager

Terry Scheuher, Caddie Master & First Tee Coordinator 

Don Egler, Head Tennis Professional

Dave Legge, Men's Locker Room

Kathy Howd, Ladies' Locker Room

Melanie Pfeffer, Website & Accounts Payable

William "Ed" Bowman, Director of Engineering & Facilities

Dining Reservations

Guest Information


Dress Code


Hats are not permitted to be worn by men anywhere in the Clubhouse, except in the Locker Rooms. Shoes worn on outdoor clay tennis courts may not be worn anywhere in the clubhouse. Golf shoes are allowed only in the Members Grill. Casual attire in good taste is allowed in the Lake Room, Members Grill or Cocktail Lounge. Men are required to wear sport coats in the Formal Dining Room. Casual attire in good taste is permitted on the Deck, Terrace and Patio. Swimmers must wear tasteful and modest coverings over their swim wear.

Denim clothing may not be worn on club property at any time between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Denim clothing, in good taste, will be allowed in the Members Grill, Lounge, Patio, and Locker Rooms from Labor Day thru Memorial Day. Denim may not be worn in the Lake Room.


Adults and Juniors are expected to abide by the dress code guidelines on the Golf Course and on all Practice areas. Only Golf Shoes with soft spikes will be permitted. Men must wear shirts tucked in with collars and sleeves. Golf and baseball hats must be worn with the brim facing forward. Slacks or golf shorts must be worn. Lady golfers must wear proper golf attire including dresses, golf shorts, skorts, slacks, or capris and golf shirts.


  • Slacks & shorts
  • Golf skorts or shorts at least mid-thigh
  • Rain gear
  • Tennis or golf shoes
  • Collared Shirts
  • Graphic tee shirts & tank tops
  • Denim of any color and cut-offs
  • Untucked shirts
  • Cargo, tennis, lacross & sports shorts
  • Spandex-type clothing
  • Open-toed sandals
  • Bathing attire
Additional dress code guidelines:
  • The changing of shoes/clothes in the parking lot is not permissable and should only be done in the Locker Rooms.
  • Shirt tails must be tucked in at all times.
  • Hats must be worn with the bill facing forward and are not permitted inside the Clubhouse.
  • Proper footwear is required while on the Golf Course.

Pine Lake Employee Scholarship Foundation

Background and History of Our Foundation
The Pine Lake Country Club Employee Scholarship Foundation was created in 2011 as a way to reward and retain our excellent employees.  It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and operates as a separate legal entity from the Club.  Our employee scholarship program is in keeping with similar programs at other private country clubs in our area.  The Foundation has no employees.  Our Board Members serve on a voluntary basis.  All of the Foundation’s funding comes from donations by our PLCC members.  100% of the donations (net of modest operating expenses) go to the Foundation.  All donations are tax deductible.

Because of generous donations in the past, the Foundation has raised over $225K and has awarded 77 scholarhips totaling over $105K.  Natalie Nellett, a PLC Caddie and OCC student writes, “I am so grateful to be awarded this scholarship because it’s not just rewarding me for my drive to educate myself, but also for what I’ve accomplished as a dedicated employee.  It’s wonderful to know that hard work and dedication at Pine Lake can bring such an immense reward to its employees.”  Other recipients attend U of M-Flint, Saginaw Valley SU, MSU, Alma, Oakland University, Central Michigan and Alabama.  You can expect to see employee scholarship recipients wearing recognition pins.

2015 Donor Honor Roll (Linked)

2016 Donor Honor Roll (Linked)

How To Make a Donation

We are asking each member to help make a difference in our employees’ education.  All donations (net of fundraising dinner/party expenses) go to the Foundation entirely and are tax deductible.

Please confirm your commitment by authorizing an automatic tax deductible donation on your club statement:
$125 [  ]    $250 [  ]    $500 [  ]    $1,000 [  ]    $______________(other)
[  ] enclosed is my company’s matching gift form

You can drop off this completed form at the front desk of the Club or simply send a confirming email noting your commitment to Zan Carniak at znicolli@me.com or to Beth Hoyt at bthoyt@comcast.net.

We are most grateful for your support!

The Foundation awarded scholarships for the 2016-17 academic year to 14 recipients. The links below provide information on recipients who have been rewarded a scholarship.

2016-2017 Employee Scholarship Recipients (Linked)

Employee Scholarship Recipients To Date (Linked)

Who Should I Contact With Questions?

If you would like more information on the Foundation, information on giving through a will or estate or would like to get involved with the employee scholarship program, please contact any of the following:

Jack Withrow, President
John Walsh, Treasurer
Beth Hoyt, Secretary
Paul Brakora, Member
Elisa Palizzi, Member
Laurie Van Swearingen, Member
Matt Mills, Member, PLCC Past President

Zan Carniack, Past President