Membership Process

  1. Fill out and sign both pages of the Membership application. Have your sponsors sign where indicated, bring a check made payable to PLCC for the initial amount (check will be cashed at the time the application is approved) and submit with a photograph.  A picture can also be taken at the club when you drop off the application.
  2. Obtain two members to sponsor your application with a letter, one of them needs to be a Stock member.  Both letters need to include this specific wording "I give my personal unequivocal endorsement” to the named applicant.  If you are not able to acquire two sponsors, the Membership Committee will meet with you and become your sponsors.
  3. Your information will then be posted to the membership for one week.
  4. A member of the Membership Committee will contact you to set up a meeting to meet you and your spouse at the club.  The purpose of the meeting is to answer any questions and clarify any issues regarding the club prior to officially joining. The representative of the Membership Committee will write a final letter for you.
  5. A vote will be conducted first by Membership Committee and then the Board of Directors for their final approval.
  6. You will then receive a call from our Membership Director to welcome you to the club.  A short meeting will be arranged, for a brief orientation of the club policies. You will receive a packet of information including a club calendar, and upcoming events for the family.
  7. If the Board does not approve the application, the Membership Director will contact the sponsors to advise his/her applicant of the Board’s decision and ask them to have the applicant withdraw their application.