The Automobile Club of Detroit was founded in 1902 by Michigan automotive icons John Dodge, Ransom Olds and Henry Ford. The friends and business competitors first came across the property when they fled the city on weekends destined for an overnight camping spot on Pine Lake.

Back then, the drive from Detroit was a half day journey so they camped on the property of George and Agnes Hodges. Later the founders purchased this property for the future clubhouse of Pine Lake.

In 1917 the first seven holes were established. The 9 hole course was completed in 1919. In 1921 the club name was officially changed to Pine Lake Country Club. Since that change, the club has added on another 9 holes creating a championship course designed by professional golf legend,  Willie Park Jr.

As time has passed other additions were made, the Olympic size swimming pool, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, a ballroom that we now call the Lake Room and Formal Dining areas. What began as the Automobile Club of Detroit, has transformed through the years into the premier family club you can now be proud to call home.