Membership Process

Congratulations on your decision to join the family of Pine Lake Country Club. On behalf of the entire membership and staff we are excited to begin this new adventure with you!
What should I do next?
  • Fill out and sign both pages of the Membership Application.
  • Obtain two (2) members to sponsor your application with a letter. One of your sponsors must be a Stock member. Both letters need to include this specific wording, “I give my personal unequivocal endorsement” to the named applicant.
  • Have your sponsors sign the application and attach their sponsorship letters
  • Bring a check made payable to PLCC for the initial amount. Your check will be cashed at the time the application is approved.
  • Submit your application with a photo of yourself. If you don’t have a photo, don’t worry! We can take one for you at the Club when you drop off your application. You are also able to email your photo to our Membership and Marketing Director, Chelsea Donahue at 
What if I don’t have any sponsors?
  • Don’t stress! If you do not know any current members of the club, our Membership Committee will meet with you and become your sponsors. 
Okay, I submitted my application. What happens next?
  • Once the Club receives your application and all required documents, there will be a one (1) week posting period to our Membership.
  • Once the posting period has been completed, your application is sent to the Board of Directors for a final vote!
When will I hear from the Club?
  • Upon final vote, the Membership and Marketing Director, Chelsea will give you a call officially welcoming you as the newest member of the PLCC family! A short meeting will be arranged for a brief orientation and you will receive all of the necessary and useful information to begin using the club’s amenities! 
Again, we congratulate you on your decision to take the next step in joining the Pine Lake Country Club family. We look forward to creating lifelong memories with you very soon!

Click Here to download our Membership Application

Click Here to download our Prospective Member Steps