Pine Lake Country Club History

Pine Lake Country Club was founded in 1902, as the Automobile Club of Detroit, by a group of like minded automobile enthusiasts, who were the icons of Michigan business at the turn of the century.

By 1905, they sought a permanent home for their club and they were offered a "very picturesque site" on Pine Lake by the property owners, George and Agnes Hodges. Hodges built the original clubhouse at his expense and leased it to the club for $500 yearly.

In those days, when the north boundary of Detroit was not too many blocks beyond Vernor Highway, driving a car to the wilds of Pine Lake was a major adventure. The beautiful bluff overlooking the lake became a favorite overnight camp site for practically every Detroiter who owned a car.

Many of the early members were captains of industry, Governors of Michigan, and United States Senators. Among the most well known were Truman Newberry, Russell Alger, Jr., Henry Joy, John Dodge, Ransom Olds, Henry Ford, Ray Chapin, E.P.Hammond, W.C.Hartman and James Couzens.

By 1916, roads had improved to such a degree that members had ample time and energy to enjoy a little activity after a pleasant and much shorter drive to the beautiful site.

So, by 1917, the first seven holes of golf were in usage and two more were added in 1919. In 1921, we had officially become Pine Lake Country Club, recognizing the change from an automobile club to a country club spectrum of interests.

Since that time, changes have been periodically made to the facilities and the various activities. Over the years we have added outdoor tennis courts, an indoor tennis house, swimming pool and deck areas, renovated golf course and our beautiful clubhouse. We can all be proud of our Pine Lake Family and the heritage we have, steeped in the history of Detroit and the State of Michigan.

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